‘People report to managers, but they follow leaders’ says Adam Bryant. For those who don’t like to distinguish between managers and leaders, they’ll struggle with such a comment, but I think there’s much truth in it. And it’s made me think again about my leading/managing and what we do at The Belfrey.

Management is important – managing people and resources – and turning vision into action. It’s important that people know who they report to, are accountable for their actions and know they’re doing a good job. But if people are to be highly motivated, work effectively, keep developing and stick around for the long-haul, they need to do more than just ‘report’ to someone. They need to be inspired by a vision. They need to be motivated by a cause. They need guidance from someone they sincerely respect. Someone who wants the best for them. Someone who not only embraces the vision but does so with integrity, perseverance and courage. That’s the kind of leader they will ‘follow’.

What about you? Do people just ‘report’ to you, or do they ‘follow’ you?