‘What separates great leaders from good leaders?’

That’s a question that father and son authors, David and Paul Watson ask in their fascinating book, Contagious Disciple-Making. Their answer, based on years of experience and research into growing movements, and from observing those leading a few people and those leading many, is 13 key qualities:

  • an obedience to God
  • a striving towards excellence
  • humility in service
  • commitment to a vision
  • a determination to succeed
  • a willingness to risk
  • the ability to forgive
  • courage to change
  • a desire to learn
  • the ability to recruit teams to our weaknesses
  • a capacity to strategize and implement plans
  • the ability to make more leaders
  • the determination to never quit

Which of these do you need to focus on, as we begin to emerge into the post-pandemic world?