Leadership involves decision-making. Decisions in the present – that are immediate, sometimes spontaneous and occasionally risky. But wise leaders also make long-term decisions, strategically planning for the what lies ahead, making future decision-making easier. Be inspired by this story from Mark Batterson, on long-term planning:

On the Swedish island Visingsö, there’s a mysterious forest of oak trees; mysterious because oak trees aren’t indigenous to the island, and it’s origin was unknown for more than a century. Then in 1980, the Swedish Navy received a letter from the Swedish Forestry Department reporting that their requested ship lumber was ready. The Navy didn’t know it had ordered any lumber! After a little historical research, it was discovered that in 1829, the Swedish Parliament, recognising that it takes oak trees 150 years to mature and anticipating a shortage of lumber trees in the 21st Century, ordered that 20,000 oak trees be planted on Visingsö and protected for the Navy.

Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker.